Community mobilising and organising

This webzine edition looks at mobilising and organising communities and offers different approaches and examples that could inspire the anti-racism movement.

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The role of anti-racism movements in achieving political change

The mobilising strategies of anti-racism movements have been widely studied. However, most contributions have focused on the reasons and manifestations of (...)  Read More

The "Stop le contrôle au faciès" campaign in France

Tara Dickman explains how a campaign to end discriminatory stop and search by police in France successfully used community organising to achieve its aims. Stop le (...)  Read More

Winning the fight for public opinion in the United States

A US perspective on community mobilising. We have to stop looking to institutions and politicians and invest resources in organising neighbours, family and (...)  Read More

Youth mobilisation in Italy

The mobilisation of young people in Italy has experienced a shift from previous generations: many studies underline a higher level of engagement and participation (...)  Read More

The HOPE not hate Campaign

How HOPE not hate in the United Kingdom uses community organising & grassroots actions to defeat hate groups at elections and to build community resilience (...)  Read More