Counter-radicalisation and counter-terrorism from an equality perspective

How can the EU prevent radicalisation while upholding equality and fundamental rights?

How does the city of Aarhus in Denmark work on deradicalisation through dialogue and rehabilitation?

Why is time for a radical rethink of the United Kingdom’s ’Preventing violent extremism’ programme?

How can communities work together to fight radicalisation and terrorism?

Find out more in the first articles of this latest webzine edition, and watch this space for upcoming articles on...

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Prevention of radicalisation: a zero-sum game for equal and democratic societies?

How can the EU address radicalisation while upholding equality and fundamental rights? Refraining from adopting discriminatory measures, long term investment in (...)  Read More

An inter-community approach to fight radicalisation

Yasser Louati, of the Collective Against Islamophobia in France, presents a community perspective on counter-radicalisation and counter-terrorism measures and how to (...)  Read More

Preventing violent extremism in the United Kingdom: Time for a radical rethink

Alyas Karmani and Ratna Lachman of JUST West Yorkshire give an anti-racism perspective on UK counter-radicalisation measures, and in particular the ‘Prevent’ (...)  Read More

The Aarhus Model: Preventing Radicalisation in Denmark

Generally speaking, the essence of the Aarhus model is preventing radicalisation by working with at-risk citizens to improve their possibilities for inclusion in (...)  Read More