Migrant integration : Can we learn from European experiences ?

1 December 2011 - A new UK government policy on migrant integration is expected to be announced any day now. To date migrant community organisations have had no input into the way this has been developed by government departments. But maybe a new toolkit on migrant integration, just published by the European Network Against Racism, will give us some pointers on how groups working at the local level can regain some control over migrant integration projects.

UK Prime Minister goes one step further (and too far !) in his bid to curb immigration

21 October 2011 - Last week, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said in a speech on immigration that he "wants everyone in the country" to help "reclaim our borders" by reporting suspected ‘illegal’ immigrants. Mr. Cameron has said people should report suspicions to Crimestoppers, an organisation fighting crime, and the UK Border Agency. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic Ocean, the US states of Alabama, Arizona, South Carolina and Georgia have recently passed new laws to stop and search anyone who may potentially be an undocumented migrant.