March 2012 - ENAR’s progressive narrative on equality and diversity

ENAR’s ’progressive narrative’ on equality and diversity - February 2012

Welcome to this new edition of the ENARgy webzine, dedicated to ENAR’s new ‘progessive narrative on equality and diversity’. ENAR is in the process of developing this ‘narrative’, which aims to promote the benefits and necessity of equality and diversity for creating a vibrant European society and economy. What we aim to achieve is a positive vision of society, firmly grounded in the principles of equality, solidarity, mutual respect and the belief that everyone has an intrinsic value in society. In this context, this webzine edition focuses on ENAR‘s internal work in developing the narrative, presenting the perspectives of participants in ENAR’s three regional seminars dedicated to ENAR’s new narrative, and also presents some views of external stakeholders, whose work and practice follow a similar line of thinking as ENAR’s narrative. If you want to read the webzine in pdf format, you can download it here

Introduction to the methodology of the regional seminars on ENAR’s progressive narrative

This article gives an overview of the methodology used by ENAR to discuss the ’progressive narrative on equality and diversity’ with its members during three regional seminars.

Views from ENAR’s Northern regional seminar on the "progressive narrative"

Two interviews were conducted with participants of the Northern regional seminar in Düsseldorf (Germany) in November 2010. The first one relates to the particularities of the region and the specific narratives developed in that framework, while the second interview highlights a personal story regarding migration in this region.

Views from ENAR’s Eastern regional seminar on the "progressive narrative"

The Eastern regional seminar took place in Sofia, Bulgaria in April 2011. The first part of the seminar aimed to depict the region’s narrative through its historical aspects, particular to this region. The second part focused on people’s personal narratives, the story of their identity(ies) in this particular part of Europe. The following interviews are representative of these two discussions - the first provides some background on the seminar and its objectives while the other offers a more personal perspective.

Views from ENAR’s Southern regional seminar on the "progressive narrative"

In order to have an overview of the discussions during ENAR’s Southern regional seminar that took place in Cyprus’s capital city Nicosia in November 2011, two participants were interviewed. The first interview related to the principles and core messages of this particular region regarding equality and diversity and the appropriate narrative to use in regard to it. The second interview concentrated on personal aspects, giving a say to someone’s own story of migration and/or diversity.

Inequality: the enemy between us?

The Equality Trust provides an explanation of how economical, political and social policies tend to be more effective when they are more equal. The Equality Trust is an independent campaign based in the UK, working on reducing income inequality in order to improve the quality of life in the UK.

Citizenship education for diversity

This article aims to identify solid grounds for equality and diversity to be effective and functional throughout society. These fundamentals start with education. It provides an analysis of the system changes needed to ensure more equal access to and opportunities in education in Europe, in particular for ethnic and religious minorities.

The ‘business case for diversity’

The business case for diversity advocates for a diverse workforce in the employment sector. Diversity is about recognizing, respecting and valuing differences based on ethnicity, gender, colour, age, race, religion, disability, national origin and sexual orientation. It also includes an infinite range of individual unique characteristics and experiences. In this context, ENAR interviewed the CSR manager of Adecco on his views on the business case for diversity. Adecco is known to be an industry leader in providing recruitment and access to work. With this interview, we highlight a concrete aspect of diversity and how it is implemented in a global company.

Narratives for Europe?

The European Cultural Foundation aims to explain the necessity of a new progressive narrative on a European-wide level with its ‘Narratives for Europe’ project. The concept of a new discourse on equality and diversity is also related to the fundamental democratic and innovative ideas of a European identity.

Romedia: Giving the Roma a voice in the mainstream media

With this article, the ROMEDIA foundation summarizes its wide-ranging and concrete projects throughout Europe, advocating for Roma inclusion and promoting positive perceptions of the Roma community.

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