September 2014 - Austerity policies and structural discrimination

Austerity policies and structural discrimination

What are the links between current austerity policies in Europe and structural discrimination? What impact do these policies have on ethnic and religious minorities’ lives?

The impact of cuts in the public sector on employment of Black and ethnic minorities in the UK

The election of the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition in 2010 marked the introduction of the politics of austerity in the UK. When announcing his first budget, the chancellor signalled his intention to make unprecedented cuts to government spending to the level of £83 Billion in the next five years and targeted welfare budgets, overseas aid and public sector jobs and servicers. The implications of this announcement were that over the next five years up to a million jobs would disappear from the public sector.

Austerity in Spain: the regressive excuse

In this article, Valentin Gonzalez reflects on how austerity measures have affected the judicial system in Spain and who’s paying the price.

The impact of austerity measures and the crisis on the social inclusion of Roma in Spain

Fundacion Secretariado Gitano highlights the negative impact of austerity and the economic crisis on the implementation of the Spanish national Roma integration strategy.

The impact of cuts in the equality sector: the Irish case

Economic crisis, austerity, and cutbacks have been the norm in Ireland since 2009. They have infused political discourse and popular culture to a point where crisis fatigue sets in. Resistance to austerity and cutbacks and the promotion of alternative responses to economic crisis have been limited and fragmented. In part this is a product of the silencing of the voices one would expect to protest and envision. In part it is a product of self-censorship and a failure of imagination within civil society.

Travelling with Austerity: A case study on the impact of austerity on the Traveller community in Ireland

Ireland was one of the countries hardest hit by the international economic downturn. The onset of austerity policies has had a significant effect on all levels and sectors of Irish society. However, work with Irish Travellers [2] has been disproportionately impacted by a series of harsh austerity policies in successive national budgets. No other section of the community has faced such a high rate of disinvestment, in addition to a failure of state services to spend the limited allocated resources.

Extrêmes droites: ultra libéralisme ou ultra étatiste ?

Quels sont les liens des partis d’extrême droite en Europe avec le libéralisme économique? Un tour d’horizon des extrêmes droites en Europe, montrant notamment les contradictions des positions économiques du Front National en France.