November 2014 - Anti-Semitism in Europe

Antisemitism in Europe: an EU survey shows that official data only reveal the tip of the iceberg

The lack of official and comprehensive data on anti-semitism in Europe makes it difficult to know the true extent of the problem. The EU Agency for Fundamental Rights’ survey on anti-Semitism among Jewish communities nonetheless provides some worrying findings, which should be taken into account when designing both national and EU policies.

Anti-Semitism in contemporary Hungary

As Hungary is frequently in the spotlight of international governmental and non-governmental organisations, it is time to put perceptions aside and to give a clear overview of anti-Semitic incidents in Hungary.

Social media: The next frontier in the battle against online hate

Internet and social media offer many possibilities. But they are also increasingly used to spread hate. This article reflects on how both Internet companies and the broader Internet community can address cyberhate.

A time for reflection among Jewish and Muslim communities

Cooperation between members of the Jewish and Muslim communities is necessary if we want to put an end to Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. As Bashy Quraishy explains, it must be done at once, since they are the two sides of the same coin.

The implications of diversity for policy makers

European cities’ multiculturalism and diversity are powerful tools policy-makers should embrace to achieve a better and wealthier society. Far-right political parties have used the economic crisis to blame ethnic minorities for financial difficulties. But policy makers have a responsibility to allow the positive aspects of diversity to thrive and flourish and to encourage multicultural interactions.