September 2015 - Migration and anti-racism

From nationality to citizenship by residence

How can the political participation of foreign residents be encouraged in Luxembourg? CLAE reflects on whether access to nationality or citizenship by residence is the best way.

The story of the 2015 UK general election - HOPE always wins over fear and hate

An inspiring testimony on the 2015 general election in the United Kingdom and how a campaign uncovered hate speech and brought local communities together to vote for hope.

Integration on the ground: employment and employability in Northern Ireland

A project in Northern Ireland raises awareness of the barriers to employment and employability faced by third country nationals, and proposes solutions for change.

MIPEX: key evidence for ambitious and effective integration policies around the world

The Migrant Integration Policy Index shows how countries are promoting integration and gives an overview of migrants’ opportunities to participate in society.

Anti-racism: an integral part of the current migration and asylum debate

In a context where hostility against migrants is being translated into discriminatory practices, combined with violence which is fuelled by hate speech, the fight against racism has become a top priority in the current humanitarian and asylum debate.